Before and After: A Dramatic Transformation in Grayhawk

As you probably already know, new photos on the website can only mean one thing: time for a Before and After blog! Today we are bringing you one of our recent projects to be photographed, the home of one of our longest-term clients and favorite transformations!

One of our favorite parts of design is seeing the evolution of the project. This particular home was purchased in the Grayhawk neighborhood by our very brave clients - the home before was very taste-specific with many ornate, Spanish-Gothic inspired elements. It also had many custom details that were personal and very specific to the previous owners, from a Mickey-Mouse themed bedroom to a large, burgundy living room with dark carpeting. While many would have been overwhelmed by the process of updating the home, our clients got started with us and craved a modern, chic vibe that would reflect the client's personal style!

We are breaking down our most notable transformations from this home, and hope you are as "wowed" by the transformation as we are!

1) Living Room


Grayhawk Living Room, Before

The living room before was very taste-specific, with many Gothic Revival elements which did not reflect our client's modern, Santa Barbara-style aesthetic. The original design had dark, burgundy walls and ornate furnishings which made the expansive space feel dark and small. Additionally, the wall decor and furnishings combined left no where for the eye to rest!


After: A Modern Santa Barbara-style Living Room

We transformed the space instantly by giving the entire room a fresh coat of paint in a modern light gray tone. We were amazed by how fabulous the existing architectural elements, like the fireplace and columns, looked after the walls were lightened up! Additionally, we modernized the space by choosing furnishings in a light-colored palette with different textures to add visual interest. Of course, one of the major gems in this space is the custom art piece over the fireplace, which is large and tall in order to draw your eye up and emphasize the gorgeous architecture of the space.

After: A Modern Santa Barbara-style Living Room

We brought in the client's personal style by adding luxe materials, such as a cowhide rug layered on top of a textural sisal rug for visual interest. Additionally, we added chic accessories in gold metallic tones to really make the different areas of the space pop. The shell of the window treatments was actually existing from the former design, but was modernized by adding new black fabric and a modern tape trim to pair with the carpeting, also preserved from the former design. We love that this space now reflects our client's style and aesthetic but worked well with the existing traditional architecture of the home!

2) Dining Room


Dining Room, Before

The existing dining room design, much like the living room, was dark and enclosed-feeling. the painted ceiling and dark, wrought-iron light fixtures made the large space feel uninviting and really did not represent this young family well. The heavy furnishings also needed a face lift!


After, Midcentury Modern-Inspired Dining Room

The after view of the Dining Room, taken from the same vantage point, is quite dramatic! Again, it is amazing what new paint will do for a space!

In this room, our client wanted to incorporate some Midcentury Modern inspired elements. In order to stay true to the architecture of the home, we combined some iconic midcentury elements, such as the Eames chairs with dowel-style legs, with more transitional elements, like the light fixtures. By selecting fixtures with traditional elements like the round, candelabra-inspired shape in a modern brushed nickel finish, we were able to stay true to the home and yet still explore the client's modern preferences. We added a touch of color to this space with a fun patterned rug in a geometric pattern that pairs nicely with the patterned terracotta flooring. We love this transformation!

3) Kitchen/Nook


Kitchen, Before

Previously, the kitchen had many custom elements that were very specific to the previous family. The island featured a step-up counter in a custom shape with painted details, and the space did not reflect our client's at all. The hood was painted with a custom border detail and the kitchen did not have a back splash.

Nook, Before

The kitchen nook, adjacent to the kitchen, featured a custom built-in banquette seat and kidney-bean shaped table, custom painted with personal elements of the family before. The space also had a large, wood-branch chandelier. The built ins and custom painting were very specific to the previous owners and did not reflect our clients, which we were determined to change.


Contemporary Kitchen Remodel with Custom Lighting, Back splash, Countertops and Accessories.

The newly-remodeled kitchen is bright and inviting. The space was repainted in a bright white and eliminated the custom island details by creating a one-tiered, large island for the family. A new carrara marble hexagon back splash tile was added, along with complementary quartz counter tops. The space was completed with new chrome light fixtures, furniture and accessories.

After: Modern Kitchen Nook with Custom Table

We transformed the kitchen nook by eliminating the custom banquette and table that were previously built-in to the space. We had a custom, 60-inch carrara marble table created and we love the way that it completes the space with a transitional vibe. A new light fixture modernizes and brightens up the one dark and enclosed feeling space.

4) Powder Bath


Powder Bath, Before.

The powder bathroom's original design featured a dark purple Venetian plaster and ornate crystal sconces. Like much of the rest of the house, these finishes made the small space feel cramped and dark, especially when paired with the ornate pedestal sink, dark wood door and trim, and terracotta flooring.


Santa Barbara Style Powder Bathroom with Venetian Plaster

The powder bathroom was revamped with a new custom Venetian Plaster finish in a metallic white. This refreshing wall color brightened up and modernized the space instantly. We completed the modern refresh with custom lighting fixtures, these modern chrome sconces, which flank the existing pedestal sink and mirror.

As you can see, this makeover is one for the books! We are so excited by the results of this modern makeover, mostly because it now reflects our clients' cool, modern aesthetic. The glamorous elements paired with transitional furnishings and lighting throughout complete this Santa Barbara-style haven for this young family.

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