Designing a Miami Bachelor Pad at Scottsdale Optima Camelview

Results: Modern Miami Bachelor Pad at Optima Camelview

As designers, we are always pleased when a project comes along that really allows us to have fun and take major risks! So when a project at the modern condominium complex Scottsdale Optima Camelview came across our desks, we were excited to take on the challenge.

With this post, we decided that instead of formatting it like our normal Before and After posts, we would let you in on how exactly we handle each project: in phases! As you read along we will show you an inside peek of how we tackle each step of our design process.

A little bit of background about our client: throughout his home, he had worked hard to add upscale architectural details to each space, such as: crown molding throughout, a built-in stainless steel bar with wine storage, new marble flooring, new lighting and updated appliances. At our first meeting, he presented us with the fact that he had purchased an orange leather sectional and navy blue leather side chairs for his living space but needed help selecting accessories, a bar cart or console piece, unique artwork, a dining table and chairs, and a coffee table and side table for his living area.

Phase 1) Concept

Our first step to any design is to determine the mood, or "look" that we want to achieve for our client's new space. We often assemble mood boards or collages, like the one above, to help us dissect exactly what we are going for.

With this project, we immediately had a feel for what we thought would be the ideal design concept for his place: Miami Bachelor Pad. Glass, stainless steel, concrete, and pops of bold color. So with that, we got to work proposing a design for his space.

Phase 2) Design Proposal

Scottsdale Optima Kitchen, Before.

The best part about this project is how it evolved - the client's original project plan was for us at Red Egg Design Group to help him select furnishings and finishing touches for his place. However, after a few meetings at his home, it became clear to us that the kitchen in his unit was not functioning well for him and did not reflect his personal modern aesthetic.

The overhanging cabinets and peninsula jutted out into the space and created an awkward and enclosed feeling kitchen, which was not an ideal use of space. We also wanted to use more modern materials, such as concrete and sleek, streamlined-style cabinetry to make this space more masculine and bold.

Our proposed mood board for the kitchen selections looked like this! First, we wanted to reface his existing cabinets with sleek, slab-front doors with no excess details to really modernize his kitchen.

We also decided that it would be fun to do a bold, dimensional tile back splash tile from Heath Ceramics. Because the surface area of the back splash itself was small, the tile would add just enough visual interest without overwhelming the space. We also loved how it complemented his existing navy blue chairs, which are on the other side of the open-concept space.

Phase 3) Construction

Our first step in Construction is to create 3-dimensional drawings that we use to communicate our design plan not only to our client, but do any contractors or other vendors working on the project. Here is what we came up with, based on all of our mood and concept imagery:

3-D Drawing, Kitchen Renovation.

In terms of construction and demolition, our proposed kitchen design had to first start by eliminating the existing upper cabinets which cut the space in half instead of creating a large entertaining space. Next, we wanted to completely update and modernize the whole kitchen area by using sleek, slab-front cabinetry doors in two-tone materials. The white and gray are more sleek and minimal, which reflects the client's hip style.

Next, we really wanted to have a dark, concrete counter top to contrast the cabinets and really liven up the kitchen. Finishing the kitchen space would be a bold art piece and a console to display bar ware and other accessories.

Construction, Concrete Counter top Install at Scottsdale Optima

As soon as all of the finishes and vendors are selected, we start installation and construction! This project's finishes were bold and unique, and we loved seeing the process of custom tile and counter tops come to life! The concrete counter tops are beyond gorgeous and so modern, which was perfect for this urban condo.

Phase 4) Finishing Touches

Moodboard, Furnishings and Final Touches

We've said it before and we will say it again - getting to shop for work is beyond awesome! During this entire process, we did not forget what our original task for this client was - to find one-of-a-kind modern furnishings and artwork to complete his space. So of course, we assembled a furniture board to give us an idea of what our palette looked like (above).

After: Modern Kitchen with Bold Artwork

The kitchen was transformed into a modern space with all new materials, and was completed with the addition of bold accessories, a console to display liquor and bar ware, and of course some bold artwork. This art piece was a custom commission from one of our favorite local artists, Mike Little. You can check out more of his work here!  The piece's bold color scheme ties together the colors of the kitchen, as well as the orange sectional and navy chairs that our client already owned.

Modern Back Splash Tile from Heath Ceramics

The kitchen's upscale details, like this handmade tile from Heath Ceramics really finishes the space in a bold way. We added some accessories, like these bold geometric vases, to enhance the overall design and complete the kitchen makeover.

After: Modern Dining Area with High-end Furnishings

In the dining area, we knew we needed to find a killer dining room table that was as unique as it was beautiful. On a trip to New York City, we visited ABC Home and found the perfect dining table. This Tom Dixon glass table with etched glass was the perfect dining table for this space - small enough to keep the space feeling open and bright, but large enough to accommodate guests and entertaining. The architectural and sexy Roche Bobois leather dining chairs were the perfect complement to the dining table.

Dining Room Table Details

We topped the dining table with bold succulents and concrete faceted planters, which completed the dining area.

Modern Miami-inspired Living Area, Scottsdale Optima Camelview

The living area was the most developed part of the Great Room, as it already had the orange sectional and navy swivel chairs. Our task here was to keep the space modern and bright, without making the space feel even more bold.

We chose to add an area rug with a striae pattern in a light gray, to keep the space airy and to soften up the hard surfaces in the space. We liked that the subtle lines on the rug matched the texture in the marble flooring.

Our original scope of work included helping our client select and side table and a coffee table - so of course we did! We chose an all-glass, completely sleek and modern coffee table from Roche Bobois. We love how the glass in this space goes so nicely with the modern architecture of the building, which features a glass facade. We also chose a side table with chrome details and a marble top in a unique shape to set down a drink.

Modern Coffee Table Accessories

The finishing touches to this space were accessories, including this sleek tray of architectural and textured objects. The key here was to select accessories that were light and bright with minimal color! We love how this vignette turned out, as it is the perfect modern element without being feminine.

Phase 5) Before and After

Of course, we love to see the results and transformation of our projects... Our final step is comparing the dramatic makeover side by side!

Red Egg Design Group, Design Process.

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