Before and After: An Aviano Transformation

Our most favorite part of any project(okay, we have a lot of favorite parts to our projects) is of course, getting to see the final outcome of the space. However, one thing that we have noticed is REALLY fun about the end result is comparing the photos from our initial design meeting to our after photos. Even though we are a part of the entire design process, the transformation shocks even us sometimes.

One of our recent projects, located in the Aviano neighborhood of Phoenix, was a thrill to redesign. Before, the space was extremely traditional and did not represent the young, bright family that lives there. After our first design meeting with our client, it became clear that they needed a much more contemporary and updated home, with bright accents and elegant finishes. We love how the spaces turned out, and we hope you do too!

1) Dining Room

Dining Room Before

The Dining Room was perhaps the biggest transformation in the house. Before, the space had heavy, dark draperies and ornate furniture and rugs, making the space feel smaller and more dated. The dark wall color visually detracted from the space, making it appear much more closed off. These issues are design mistakes that we see quite often, and we were excited to take on the challenge of lightening and updating the space.

Dining Room After

We wanted to update this space by introducing a fun wall treatment, and when the homeowner discussed the idea of grasscloth but questioned the maintenance of the material,  we came up with the idea to do a Creative Wall Finish that looks like grasscloth but is really paint! This wall treatment was a fun way to add visual interest and heighten the overall mood and design of the room.

Another way that we added personality to the space was by adding a textured wallpaper to the ceiling for visual interest. By using a lighter color, we visually expanded the space without making the ceiling appear busy or overwhelming.

Dining Room After

Updating the furniture in this space was crucial to the design. By using sleeker, more minimal furnishings, the space looks much larger and way more contemporary. This is a much better representation of who the family is!

Finally, one of our most favorite updates to the space came in the form of lighting – this chandelier is a great example of a linear chandelier elongating the space, as well as adding some flair and interest! We just love this addition to the dining room!

Living Room Before

In the living room space, the clients wanted the same overall checklist that they desired in the dining room: more design, more light and more contemporary vibes! Before, the space had extremely traditional elements that were not the overall style of the client. The tan paint color lacked the bright feeling that the client desired and the heavy, ornate window treatments blocked the light and made the windows and beautiful Arizona views less of a focal point in the space.

Living Room After

With the client wanting a more updated space, we decided to paint the space and make it lighter and brighter, as well as changing the flooring material to a more modern dark wood tone. These quick changes – paint and flooring – make a world of difference in modernizing any room.

In terms of furniture, we updated the space by replacing most of the client’s existing pieces with more current, yet timeless pieces. Two brown sofas across from one another help to encourage conversation in the space and also take advantage of the length of the space as a whole. We used two distinctive coffee tables to add a bit of texture and visual interest to the space, as well. Unique elements like these coffee tables will create a super layered, interesting interior that will stay current for many years to come! Finally, two etageres flank the fireplace, and turn the fireplace wall into the focal point it should be.

Our finishing touches in this space were the updated chandelier and the art piece over the fireplace. We opted for a lighting fixture that hangs in the center of the room and brings a bit of sparkle and glam to the space. By choosing a chandelier with a good amount of open space, we didn’t make the space feel smaller or darker with a heavy fixture. The final piece in the space which makes a world of difference is the abstract art piece that is not only beautiful to look at, but really unites the space together in terms of color and overall palette and mood! We at Red Egg always love to bring bold artwork into spaces wherever possible in order to heighten the design.

3) Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Before

The master bedroom space was a place where the homeowners really wanted a sanctuary and place to come unwind after long days. The space before really did not take advantage of the abundant amount of square footage that they had to work with, and lacked the overall modern and luxurious vision that they desired.

Master Bedroom After

The first step to this master bedroom makeover was to lighten, brighten and modernize. So again, we added new flooring and a bold, ikat print rug to ground the space. The walls received a new light blue color and a tone-on-tone wall stencil, adding visual interest and a splash high fashion design to the space.

In terms of furniture, we really wanted to maximize the amount of space that the homeowners had to work with. Our first step was adding a glamorous headboard and bed frame to work off of for the rest of the furnishings. The headboard’s upholstery and mirrored finishes really help to elevate the design by accentuating the height of the space. On either side of the bed we added large nightstands in order to maximize the room’s square footage. We put two large table lamps on them to add even more lighting and brightness to this master bedroom space! A fun tufted bench was placed at the end of the bed as a fun finishing touch and a place to put on shoes in the morning on the way out the door.

Master Bedroom - Sitting Room Transformation

The seating area received a new light fixture and all new window treatments and furniture. The furniture included a loveseat and side table, along with some occasional tables. These furnishings make the seating area space much more practical and a lot more luxurious for the homeowners to enjoy reading a book or enjoying some quiet time in their own domain.

4) Home Office

In the office, the homeowners wanted a bright and inviting office space, that was neither feminine nor masculine since they both shared the space. The office space before was a dark-looking space, with heavy wood furnishings and brown walls. The furniture was large in the space and made it feel more closed off and small.

Home Office After

We then opted to add built-in bookcases for a more custom look and feel. The bookcases were painted white, continuing to brighten and enlarge the space visually. The built-in shelves and backs to the bookcases, however, were painted in a contrasting charcoal gray to add visual interest and a layer of design to the built-ins. This really helped to make the office space feel even more custom and unique.

Finally, we added a modern classic light fixture: the Sputnik, to the space, for some drama and extra lighting. We love the way this office turned out and we think it makes a perfect shared office space for the homeowners.

Our Favorite After Photo- we got Photobombed by the cat!

As we said, design is a process to which there are many parts that we love! However, there is no part more rewarding to us at Red Egg than seeing the look on our client’s faces when they have a house that they really love. For us, it’s these transformations that make design such a fun business to have the opportunity to work in!

What do you guys think? What’s your favorite transformation in this Aviano makeover? We couldn’t possibly choose!