Behind the Art: Andy Brown

Artist Andy Brown of Soldierleisure

One of the most personal and special elements to any space of a home is art. Artwork instantly adds personality and character to any interior, and tells a story about both the owner of the piece as well as the artist who created it.

At Red Egg, we love art and we love to encourage our clients to use art to bring in color, pattern and fun to their spaces. Our most favorite type of art is local art. Here in Phoenix, we have an amazing art scene that we feel has not been explored as much as it should be! Therefore, we feel that we have a responsibility to tell our clients and readers all about the amazing artists and their work that can be found right here in the valley.

So, we have decided to start a series of blogs where we interview and discuss art with some of our favorite creative minds in Arizona. The artist that we interviewed for this blog is an extremely gifted artist here in Phoenix, and we can't wait to tell you more about Andy Brown. We asked him a few questions about his art so that you can get a sneak peek into his mind!

Manhattan Beach Public Art

Red Egg Design Group: When did art first enter your life?

Andy Brown: drawing and scribbling, building, making up games for friends are some of the first memories i have of childhood. Around age 9 I was in the desert building forts, building bike tracks and hiding spots, creating different versions of outdoor games like hide and seek....I would also go to draw in the forts. A friend and I would draw these masterplans of outdoor forts, with rain water collectors and all....we even invented our own written language which we called "condor".... so art has been there pretty heavily since early childhood. I m thankful that I had space around me, given by my home situation at that time. I was free to roam for hours and hours and that's where I started my yearning for freedom and expression - and since I realize making art is the continuance of that.

REDG: What's your favorite form of media to use?

AB: What challenges you most as an artist? maintaining a healthy connection to creative flow and outlets....which i have been doing lately since i took the jump and decided to stop the day job and go for it! (working and making living as an artist)

Custom Public Art by Andy Brown

REDG: What challenges you most as an artist?

AB: maintaining a healthy connection to creative flow and outlets....which i have been doing lately since i took the jump and decided to stop the day job and go for it! (working and making living as an artist)

REDG: How has your art evolved over the years, and what do you think influenced those changes?

AB: going from explicit to implicit, or providing more space around the art i am creating has been the biggest evolution, next to sharing it more. I believe these have been important because I am not wanting to tell, i just want to share and people can take from it what they will....

Public Art in Bushwick Brooklyn, NYC

REDG: What does your ideal environment for creating art look and feel like?

AB: Open, with some natural sunlight and either mother nature close by or human activity!

"Digital Analog" topographical study, Phoenix, AZ

REDG: What is your favorite part about creating art in Arizona?

AB: I am enjoying hiking and camping a lot lately....the elevation changes from Phoenix to Flagstaff, or even the Arizona drives towards Colorado are inspiring to pay attention to....the Sonoran desert is beautiful, and so is the higher country. Arizona also has a lot of room and an appreciation for art that I think will prove to be an updated and honest environment to be an artist in. I don't feel constrained by an established art market here, whereas in Los Angeles or perhaps other cities there is. I enjoy traveling regionally and internationally, but always love to come home to Arizona.

Custom Commissioned Artwork by Andy Brown

Andy recently completed this stunning art piece located over a fireplace in this modern family room. We absolutely love it and after speaking with him, have a new appreciation for the inspiration that Arizona provides him with on a daily basis, both in the subject matter of his artwork and the way that he creates it. While Andy has created beautiful works of art all over the country, from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, we feel lucky that he considers his home base Phoenix, Arizona!

To check out more from Andy, visit his website: