Designer's Secrets: Our Favorite Modern Window Treatments

Red Egg Design Group - 96th Place Project

One of the questions that our clients ask us the most is, "What should I do with my windows?" Of course, this question is essential, especially living here in the desert, where there is an abundance of sunlight year-round. It is also super important because window treatments are a great place to really liven up and add some color or pattern to any space, large or small!

One thing to note about window treatments is that they do not necessarily need to be fussy or over-the-top. Of course, we are partial to window treatments that make a large impact but maintain a modern and current feeling.

We decided to break down some of our very favorite contemporary window treatment ideas for you and show some pictures of what they look like in some of our projects!

1) The Classic Curtain, Drapery, or Window Panel defines window draperies as, "long curtains, usually of heavy fabric and often designed to open and close across a window." ( But simply stated, this is your classic curtain panel. Of course, we use this type of contemporary window treatment frequently. We often place these types of panels in living rooms and master bedrooms, where fuller window treatment options are a must in terms of function and style.

Red Egg Design Group - Pinnacle Peak Project

This space was very expansive and had a lot of large-scale windows. We opted to use classic drapery panels in this space for this reason, as well as to bring in some contrast and bold pattern to really elevate the design.

One thing to note is that in a space like this where there are large windows, we often love lining the panels with blackout fabric on the back! This way, light can be entirely blocked out whenever you see fit.

Red Egg Design Group - Campbell Ranch Project

2) The Roman Shade

A Roman Shade is a window treatment that can be opened or closed, and folds up neatly on top of itself when it is opened, or sits flat when it is down. Roman shades are a super modern and clean look for any space in the home because of their clean profile. We love using Roman Shades in dining nooks, kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms!

Red Egg Design Group - Aviano Project

This is an example of Roman shades when they are partially up. We used them in this dining space to maintain a sleek, modern look and not detract  from the other elements in the space, like the bold wall finish and ceiling design. We like that Roman shades are a nice in a solid fabric, such as this one, as well as in bold patterns.

Red Egg Design Group - West Berridge Project

This cozy dining nook has a built-in banquette seat where the family loves to enjoy meals and sit with a cup of coffee. The direct sunlight in this space can be super harsh, so a Roman shade was added to filter the light and make this space optimal for those times of the day when the formal dining room is not needed. We like that this lighter color filters the light without making the space feel dark or closed off! In this mid-century modern home, these shades felt like the perfect simple design for the space.

3) Hunter Douglas Woven Shades

Hunter Douglas is a window treatment company that we at Red Egg use constantly. From their awesome options in window treatments, to the smooth technology that they use in the function of their products, we are huge fans of them! Their Woven Woods collection is a super modern way to achieve a natural contemporary vibe for your space.

Hunter Douglas Woven Shades

This space is a perfect example of how much impact the wood-look woven shades can make on a tone-on-tone interior such as this one. These wood shades add texture and visual interest without being too colorful or distracting from the rest of the design elements in the space. One excellent factor about these shades is that they can be motorized, opening with the touch of a button or even set to change at certain times throughout the day so that you can have the perfect amount of day lighting!

4) Hunter Douglas Silhouette

The next type of modern shading that we love is Hunter Douglas' Silhouette®. The shades float between two sheers and diffuse any type of unwanted sunlight, and can be adjusted to achieve any level of light and privacy.

Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

We love the Silhouette product because it is minimal and versatile. This look is perfect for a space that has intricate design features and needs a more subdued window trimming. We love the way that the shades are tucked between two sheers - it creates a really awesome and dreamy affect, perfect for a bedroom space or a cozy seating area!

The Silhouette window coverings, like the woven shades, can be motorized so that you can wake up and with the touch of a button a remote, you can have open windows without ever leaving your bed! That's the kind of stuff that we love to tell our clients!

5) Hunter Douglas Pirouette

The Hunter Douglas Pirouette Shades are very similar to the Silhouette, and we use them all the time too! Instead of tucking the shade between two sheers, the Pirouette has one sheer on the backside of the shades.

This is perfect for clients who have asked us about maintenance or cleaning the two-sided Silhouette shades! With the pirouette, you're able to easily clean the shades themselves. They are a bit less dreamy than the Silhouette, and create more of a strong shade look, which works perfectly in a contemporary setting.

Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

In this image, you can see how the Pirouette shading system creates an awesome linearity that works so well in clean, modern interior design. They, like the other Hunter Douglas products, feature numerous technological features, which makes the idea of window coverings feel much more exciting!

As you can see, there are a ton of window coverings available! At Red Egg Design Group, we think that window treatments are the perfect opportunity to have a lot of fun and really amplify your spaces' designs, while still making use of the gorgeous desert sunlight that we have available to us here in Arizona.

What are your favorite modern window treatment ideas? Any others that you guys are loving?