Inside the Design: Bedrooms for Teens

One of our favorite parts of design is the fact that no two clients are the same. Everyone comes to us requesting designs that suit the way that they use their own home, which is a personal process. Thus, seeing these designs come together is always a super rewarding process and result for us!

One of our recent clients, located in Pinnacle Peak, requested a brand new home redesign. The design incorporated numerous custom elements, including new paint, tile, furniture and accessories, and lighting fixtures throughout. We loved that this project gave us the opportunity to design all of the rooms throughout, even including three rooms for their teenage children. We were super excited at the prospect of redesigning rooms that would reflect the personalities of the teens!

We plan to show you before and after images of many of the spaces throughout the home in the next post, but we wanted to focus on the rooms for the three teens for this one!

One question that we frequently hear is, “How do you go about your design process?” So we decided to blog more about how we begin the phases. The first thing that we usually do is gather inspiration images and overall ideas for each of the spaces that we plan to design. Because the family has one daughter and two sons, we wanted to make sure that the spaces felt very different from one another to match their personalities.

For the teenage daughter’s room, our design concept was to be girly, fun and sophisticated in order to provide her with a space that would feel glamorous and impressive to show her friends. The room took on a Hollywood Regency vibe that we love!

The mood board for her room looked a little something like this:

Inspiration Board, Teenage Girl's Bedroom

As you can see, our proposed design had a glamorous vibe that was achieved by using various textures, like leopard, velvet, and even some sequins thrown in.  Because she is a young girl, we decided to take some risks in this room and even ended up painting one of the walls black!

Teen Girl's Bedroom

We used black for the accent wall, as mentioned before, as well as a main palette of hot pink, gray and purple with accents of gold. We love the way that the white dresser pops against the dark walls!

Teen Girl's Bedroom

On the other wall, we used a geometric, tone-on-tone wallpaper to add visual interest, and created a gallery wall using fun, high-fashion prints and historic family photos. We even used some of her handbags as artwork by hanging them from hooks to be on display all the time.  We love the way that her room turned out looking!

The design scheme for the oldest son looked like this:

Inspiration Board, Teenage Boy's Room

The older son is an avid motocross enthusiast. We really wanted to use his athletic and energetic nature to create a space that would be uniquely his. Our design intent was to use a Mid-Century Modern, sleek design style and his hobby to create a unique and young space.

Motocross Teen Boy's Bedroom

The results of our design for his space included painting the room a bright electric blue. The furniture and accessories were kept sleek and minimal, in order to attract attention to the motocross imagery and features that are important to him. The room is perfect for transitioning him to his teenage years!

Finally, last but not least, the final design scheme, for the second son, looked a little something like this:

Boy's Bedroom Mood Board

This room was meant to be fun and colorful! We wanted to give this preteen boy a space thta would be fun and start conversations with his friends.

Boy's Contemporary Bedroom

Boy's Contemporary Bedroom

In this room, we were presented with the interesting design challenge of housing an extensive hat collection – so we thought: why not feature it? The right hand wall features a grid of hooks that we used to hang his hats so that he would have easy access to them, and people would always be able to see them and comment! Additionally, the collectable bike that he had made a perfect statement above his bed! We really love the way this room ended up looking – perfect for a teenage boy!

We had a blast designing these teen spaces and felt like we really took some unique risks and approaches to design! Stay tuned to check out the rest of this Pinnacle Peak redesign…