Andy Warhol: The Original Hipster?

Andrea and Annie at the Phoenix Art Museum

If you hadn’t yet heard, the Andy Warhol exhibit came to us this past month! Red Egg Design Group took a little field trip to check out the Andy Warhol: Portraits exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum, and we had a blast learning more about the artist and seeing his work. Aesthetically, we loved the way that the collection at the museum was presented on bold, color-blocked walls with graphic text – it really enhanced the exhibit in every way.

Self-Portrait 1986 by Andy Warhol 1928-1987

Obviously, at this point you know that we at Red Egg Design Group love few things more than how much we love bold graphic artwork and bright colors! We believe that artwork should be a staple in every room. So of course, we consider Warhol to be one of our biggest inspirations! Warhol’s unique and distinctive style has made him one of the most well known artists of all time, and of course, the father of what we know today as Pop Art. We enjoyed getting a taste of all of Warhol’s works, and loved seeing his early photography and even some of his screen tests. Warhol started a movement back then, which is why we think he is definitely the original hipster, loving and creating pop art before it was cool.

Wallpaper: Cow, 1966

Our interior designer selves were also extremely surprised and impressed to know that Andy Warhol’s prints have been translated into wallpapers! This one, Cow, is a screen print that is repeated in bright yellow and pink. We agreed that this is totally fun and would be a bold addition to any space!

Andy Warhol: Prince, 1984

We loved this portrait of Prince, completed in 1984 by Warhol. The sharp, contrasting gold and blue really made the piece pop and loved the irregular outlines, varying from green to red. This would be a fabulous inspiration piece in a living room or dining room!

Of course, being interior designers, we also checked out a few spaces that feature Warhol’s artwork in them and found a couple that we loved! This living room, features a screen print of Marilyn Monroe, a classic piece done by Warhol. We love the way that the color palette and even the retro-inspired fabric and furnishings directly relate to and are drawn from the portrait itself! This space is pop art glam at its finest.

Andy Warhol, Phoenix Art Museum

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Andy Warhol: Portraits exhibit yourself, we encourage that you do. Warhol was a pioneer in the art world and made pop art “before it was cool,” making him every bit as hip as we think he is! We loved seeing all that Warhol completed in his lifetime as an artist and creator, and it is always refreshing to peek into someone else’s creative process. It is a great place to feel inspired and check out some of the most famous pieces, and some you may have never seen before. With 200 pieces being displayed, you’ll be sure to feel inspired – we know we do!