Save the Pink Tile!

In with the new, but keep the old!

Retro Kitchen Design with Pink Tile and Appliances

With mid-century modern design back in full swing these days, it is hard not to swoon each time you see a mid-century modern house with its original finishes. With many organizations such as “Save the Pink Bathroom” and “Retro Renovation” as the front-runners for promoting keeping vintage fixtures, you might be wondering how exactly to make these existing finishes work in your own home.

Retro Powder Bath with Pink Tile

One thing that we love to do in spaces that we design is to incorporate the vintage finishes and highlighting them with complimentary accents. For example, a recent design located in Phoenix, utilizes stenciled walls in the bathrooms, which pairs nicely and accentuates the original vintage tile. Choosing retro-inspired patterns adds character and style to the bathroom, without contradicting the integrity of the architecture.

Retro Mid-century Modern Kitchen

Additionally, the home featured a kitchen with its original pink tile, appliances and countertops. We aimed to ultimately remain true to the midcentury modern integrity of the home and design a kitchen that would incorporate the vintage elements but modernize them a bit. For example, the addition of mid-century-inspired subway tiles behind the stove was a way to add a modern touch, which still honors the past of the kitchen.  The pink appliances remained, but a modern stainless steel refrigerator was added to the mix, too!

Retro Appliances

Another idea we love for achieving a retro-inspired look in a vintage kitchen is by adding fun vintage appliances. Dealers such as Etsy and Craigslist are great places to find vintage appliances! However, companies like SMEG and Big Chill offer a variety of new appliances in super fun, vintage-inspired colors like aqua and pink.

Colored Kitchen Gadgets

Colored Kitchen Gadgets

If you aren’t feeling bold enough for a large appliance, SMEG also has a variety of tabletop appliance, which adds fun pops of color and interest to your countertop, too!

Retro Bathrooms with Colored Tile

Retro Bathrooms with Colored Tile

We think that the character of vintage tile is just too fun to pass up, and for that reason we at Red Egg Design Group are all in favor of utilizing any character your home has to offer!

For more information about preserving your favorite vintage tile, appliances, and just general ideas from some fantastic remodels, take a look at our portfolio for our other ideas, as well as Retro Renovation and Save the Pink Bathroom!