Gender Neutral, High Style.

Diamonds and Dreamcatchers Nursery

Gone are the days where "Gender Neutral Nursery" has to mean yellow or green! Our recent project presented us with a major design challenge: how to take a gender neutral nursery and add big style and personality, without making the space too feminine or masculine!

We immediately started looking for inspiration online and in magazines to come up with a design concept that would be super unique for this new addition's room. When we took note of the recent design trends, we decided it would be fun to work in a color palette of white, black and metallic tones of silver and gold for the space with lots of different textures. This way, any other color can easily be added in (or not! we love it the way it is!) once the baby is born. This neutral palette also plays nicely with the many colorful toys and gadgets that all children seem to have!

Our next step was to figure out how we wanted to make this space truly unique. Our first and favorite idea was to do a fun wall stencil! Here at Red Egg, we love adding high style with a fun patterned wall. But since this space is for a growing child, we knew that wallpaper would not be durable enough to withstand the test of time - so we thought paint would be the perfect solution for this family. When we found a fun, geometric triangle stencil that we could recreate in our color scheme, we knew it was the perfect thing to make this space fun.

Get the look:

1. Curtain Panels | 2. Crib | 3. Angie Crabtree Giclee | 4. Bedding | 5. Sheepskin Rug | 6. Lamp | 7. Dresser | 8. Dream Catcher | 9. Glider | 10. Stuffed Bunny | 11. Ottoman

Our next step was to create a mood board and overall palette of what we wanted the space to look like overall. Because the wall treatment is so bold and fun, we decided to keep our accessories and other furniture pieces more simple and neutral. This way, they will be able to grow with the child in the future!

The only other bold pattern we planned to add to the space was in the form of bedding. When we found this black, white and gold Aztec-inspired bedding, we knew the crib skirt would be perfect in the space. Of course, we decided to liven up the design even more with a bold art piece created by one of our favorite artists, Angie Crabtree!  Fun animal-inspired accessories and textural items such as the sheepskin throw complete our proposed design!


Crib, Glider, and Wall Stencil Details

Crib, Glider, and Wall Stencil Details

We kept in mind when designing the space that textures were going to be super important for the overall design. Not only are these textural elements visual interesting, but they will keep baby curious and occupied. We contrasted the black and white patterns with fun and interesting textures like an open side table in a rich brass hue, a leather ottoman, and a white fur rug.


On the other side of the space, we added bold artwork to mimic the wall stencil on the other side of the space. A bright white and black dresser anchors the area and fun accents complete the vignette. We love how once the gender, a girl, was revealed, we were able to add touches of pink and girly accents to the space, such as the bows, pink onesie and the roses.

We absolutely love how this room turned out - we think it is the perfect space for this baby to grow up and will age well over time, too! The black, white and metallic palette was the perfect solution for making this space unique and high style, which is what the family really wanted.

We are so glad we got to help design such a fun space! See more photos here: (Diamonds and Dreamcatchers Nursery).

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