Artist Bruce Black has a fresh new approach to watercolor...


Introducing a new artist to the Red Egg Design Group's artist collection -

 Bruce Black.



A native to Phoenix, Bruce is a formally trained artist and art professor. We love Bruce's non-traditional approach to watercolors in his "Written Word Project."



"The Written Word Project began as an idea to "write" a book. I imagined a sketchbook filled with marks related to writing and calligraphy. I begin the paintings in the top left corner and move my marks across the page thinking about groupings of lines and shifts of color. The images develop as fields of lines broken by other fields, and washes of color establish a sense of mood and character.

What I have discovered, however, is that these paintings bring to mind many other references besides calligraphy. They seems to resemble lines of code moving down a computer monitor. They also speak of stitching or weaving, similar to the Navajo rugs of Arizona. I can see crops growing in farm fields, Landscapes moving far to the horizon, and of course simple brushstrokes and watercolor. There is so much to see in these paintings!"



We think these are so beautiful and so interesting. You will find something different each time you look at these works with their intricacies.



We at Red Egg believe that art is an important factor in design.

It represents your personal style, even if you choose it on a whim. It adds life to a room and it's the gift to yourself that keeps on giving.

Each time you pass by art in your home, it can invoke a feeling, a memory, an inspiration!


P12 Blue Triangles.PNG



With wide appeal, these watercolors by Bruce Black can fit any setting in any room, bringing life to a neutral space or complimenting a room that already features color.







Come see Bruce's work at our showroom in Oldtown, Scottsdale:

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Need a certain size? Love a certain color?

Bruce's works are available in custom designs, as well!

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