Featuring Feature Walls of 2018

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The new trend going around town is feature walls, a more bold effect to the term accent walls. Usually when you hear “accent wall”, you think of a different wall being painted a different color then the rest. In this case, we are talking about bold, big format wallpaper.

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Whether your style is simplistic or you want to make your guest gasp (in the best way!), there are so many options for you. With the designs being endless, the most popular images are blown up flowers , or anything in the natural aspect, geometric shapes, abstract water color looks and textures.

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Feature walls are to not only make your guests remember the design surprise, but to also make your home or room feel unique to your personal style. Having plain painted walls is the usual way to go if you aren’t fond of bold patters, but bold patterns and fun wallpapers bring a whole new personal aesthetic to your space that can change a lot. Change to the design world and a twist to the term “accent wall".

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