Beautiful Bathroom Wallpapers

After a long day, there’s nothing better than having a long soak in the bath. Naturally, you want this part of your house to be as inviting as possible, so is it time that you gave your bathroom a revamp?

Whether you’re hoping to create a tile effect without the weekend-long effort, or simply add a splash of color; Graham & Brown’s beautiful range of wallpaper is easy to apply for instant transformations. From a practical standpoint, if you’re worried about the state of your walls, why not check out their  tips on handling damp first? This may be a wet room, but you’ll want to ensure your walls are nice and dry before you decorate - only then can you let your creative juices flow. 


Add depth to your bathroom interior with Seafoam textured wallpaper. Paintable to offer an extra touch of customization, these flowing waves create a calming atmosphere that entices the weary to wash away their woes. 

Let these textured swirls flow down your walls, leaving behind subtle shadows as they go, whether you choose to coat this in a color of your choice, or leave it white for a clean finish.


This chic Hoppen Stripe wallpaper from esteemed designer Kelly Hoppen gives your bathroom that distinctive nautical theme with a quirky twist. With a crisscrossing flannel effect on each white panel, this textured wallpaper boasts more than just a stylish color palette.

Shimmering silver streams break up the contrasting navy and white to update this traditional trend.


If you’re looking for a clean tile finish, but don’t have the time for meticulous mosaic making at the weekend, the Checker Blue/White wallpaper  which makes for an excellent, easy alternative. Forget cleaning moldy grouting for the foreseeable future, this fantastic design looks just like the real thing and stays clean and hygienic.

Its simple color palette makes it perfect for color coordination and each subtle blue accent gives the sense of pixelated bathtub waves.


For an even more glamorous alternative to traditional tiling, the Sparkle Black wallpaper brings an aura of sophistication to your bathroom. Instead of hard-to-clean grouting, each tile effect block is separated by a stunning glitter lining that gently twinkles against any light. 

Set up the candles and watch from beneath the bubbles as the flickering light catches the glittery elements, illuminating your bathroom like the night sky for a magical feeling of relaxation that will make you feel out of this world.

Some people think it’s not practical to wallpaper a bathroom, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, applying wallpaper is easier than painting on to bare plaster and it’s certainly far less arduous than retiling. 

Give it a try.

**This post brought to you by Graham & Brown. Check them out!!