Beautiful Bathroom Wallpapers

After a long day, there’s nothing better than having a long soak in the bath. Naturally, you want this part of your house to be as inviting as possible, so is it time that you gave your bathroom a revamp?

Whether you’re hoping to create a tile effect without the weekend-long effort, or simply add a splash of color; Graham & Brown’s beautiful range of wallpaper is easy to apply for instant transformations. From a practical standpoint, if you’re worried about the state of your walls, why not check out their  tips on handling damp first? This may be a wet room, but you’ll want to ensure your walls are nice and dry before you decorate - only then can you let your creative juices flow. 


Add depth to your bathroom interior with Seafoam textured wallpaper. Paintable to offer an extra touch of customization, these flowing waves create a calming atmosphere that entices the weary to wash away their woes. 

Let these textured swirls flow down your walls, leaving behind subtle shadows as they go, whether you choose to coat this in a color of your choice, or leave it white for a clean finish.


This chic Hoppen Stripe wallpaper from esteemed designer Kelly Hoppen gives your bathroom that distinctive nautical theme with a quirky twist. With a crisscrossing flannel effect on each white panel, this textured wallpaper boasts more than just a stylish color palette.

Shimmering silver streams break up the contrasting navy and white to update this traditional trend.


If you’re looking for a clean tile finish, but don’t have the time for meticulous mosaic making at the weekend, the Checker Blue/White wallpaper  which makes for an excellent, easy alternative. Forget cleaning moldy grouting for the foreseeable future, this fantastic design looks just like the real thing and stays clean and hygienic.

Its simple color palette makes it perfect for color coordination and each subtle blue accent gives the sense of pixelated bathtub waves.


For an even more glamorous alternative to traditional tiling, the Sparkle Black wallpaper brings an aura of sophistication to your bathroom. Instead of hard-to-clean grouting, each tile effect block is separated by a stunning glitter lining that gently twinkles against any light. 

Set up the candles and watch from beneath the bubbles as the flickering light catches the glittery elements, illuminating your bathroom like the night sky for a magical feeling of relaxation that will make you feel out of this world.

Some people think it’s not practical to wallpaper a bathroom, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, applying wallpaper is easier than painting on to bare plaster and it’s certainly far less arduous than retiling. 

Give it a try.

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Artist Bruce Black has a fresh new approach to watercolor...


Introducing a new artist to the Red Egg Design Group's artist collection -

 Bruce Black.



A native to Phoenix, Bruce is a formally trained artist and art professor. We love Bruce's non-traditional approach to watercolors in his "Written Word Project."



"The Written Word Project began as an idea to "write" a book. I imagined a sketchbook filled with marks related to writing and calligraphy. I begin the paintings in the top left corner and move my marks across the page thinking about groupings of lines and shifts of color. The images develop as fields of lines broken by other fields, and washes of color establish a sense of mood and character.

What I have discovered, however, is that these paintings bring to mind many other references besides calligraphy. They seems to resemble lines of code moving down a computer monitor. They also speak of stitching or weaving, similar to the Navajo rugs of Arizona. I can see crops growing in farm fields, Landscapes moving far to the horizon, and of course simple brushstrokes and watercolor. There is so much to see in these paintings!"



We think these are so beautiful and so interesting. You will find something different each time you look at these works with their intricacies.



We at Red Egg believe that art is an important factor in design.

It represents your personal style, even if you choose it on a whim. It adds life to a room and it's the gift to yourself that keeps on giving.

Each time you pass by art in your home, it can invoke a feeling, a memory, an inspiration!


P12 Blue Triangles.PNG



With wide appeal, these watercolors by Bruce Black can fit any setting in any room, bringing life to a neutral space or complimenting a room that already features color.







Come see Bruce's work at our showroom in Oldtown, Scottsdale:

Red Egg Design Group
7006 East Main Street
Scottsdale, AZ






Need a certain size? Love a certain color?

Bruce's works are available in custom designs, as well!

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Just contact us at

or at   480-619-9930   and we will be happy to assist you.

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Before and After: A Very Dramatic Pinnacle Peak Makeover!

This Modern Glam home remodel located in Pinnacle Peak was quite the transformation! Read on to discover how we used custom paint finishes, wallpaper, bright colorful accents and artwork to create a new home for this family that better reflects their lively personalities!

Behind the Design: Paradise Valley

After, Great Room

We recently completed a whole-house redesign in Paradise Valley! As per usual, we wanted to take you inside the design to see how this house was transformed. So we gathered up some of our design proposals and our "After" photos to share with you and walk you through the designs for some of our favorite spaces. The largest transformation in this house, as seen above, was opening up the huge wall between the living room and the kitchen/family room. Not only did this completely open up the space, but it really made this the perfect house for entertaining. But, let's talk about all of the spaces in detail!

Living Room Design

Design, Living Room

As we stated before, the opening of the wall between the two spaces completely transformed the living room. But a lot more went into this design as well! As with all of our designs, we first came up with our concept for the living room space. As you can see, we wanted the space to have a glamorous overall vibe for entertaining, but still feel comfortable and inviting for guests. The anchor of the space is the large reclaimed wood coffee table framed in metal. From there, we wanted to soften the space a bit, so we added lots of plush upholstery, like the pair of gray wingback chairs and the light beige sofa. Accessories and pattern are key in this space, and we added lots of metallic tones and geometric patterns in shades of blue.

Living Room After

After, Living Room

After, Living Room

As you can see from the end results, the house's design worked well off of the neutral existing travertine and amble sunlight. We chose to add gray so that the house didn't feel too tan or too gray overall and we love the end results! The wood tones of the coffee table really work to warm up the space, and the metallic accessories and lush greenery are the perfect finishing touches to the space! Also, a quick tip - once the space was opened up, the house echoed more than it did before. Textiles, such as the rug, upholstery and accent pillows and throws help to reduce noise!

Dining Room Design

Design, Dining Room

Our plan for the dining room involved a lot of texture and pattern, and making the space feel much more formal and modern than before. Our main focal point in this space was a bold wallcovering for texture, so we immediately thought of using a grasscloth on the walls. We loved the idea of accenting with blue in this space, to offset the dark colored table, so we thought the blue may be just the pop of color that the walls needed. Of course, every dining space needs a bold light fixture, so our proposed design included this gorgeous crystal chandelier in a warm golden hue.

Dining Room After

After, Dining Room

After, Dining Room

In the end, we decided that the best way to make this space pop was to use a soft golden hue on the wall for our custom wall finish. This faux grasscloth look is completely durable and cleanable, making it a good option for any family. The space still features accents of teal blue, in the tabletop accessories, wall décor and drapes. We also ended up selecting a gorgeous silver and crystal chandelier to offset the warm hue of the wall tone.

Girl's Room Design

Girls Room, Design

This sweet girl's room all started with a headboard. When we first saw our client's daughters adorable canopy bed, we knew that it had to stay and the space had to be designed with it in mind! Because she is a growing little girl, we decided one way to make this space carry her through the teen years was to not make it feel overly pink. So we proposed accents of bright turquoise, yellows, and greens to pair with her favorite color. Two nightstands on either side of the bed complete this perfect space!

Girls Room After

Girls Room, After

In the end, the space turned out even more adorable than we could have hoped! The walls were given a custom wall finish in a turquoise metallic trellis pattern that we love. We added pops of accent colors like the turquoise and yellow throw pillows, and the pops of purple throughout as well. The bright floral bedding, pom poms and large flower décor finish off the space adorably well, we think!

Pool Room Design

Pool Room, Design

With a fun house comes a lot of fun spaces to design! We were lucky enough to get to help the homeowners design their Pool/Entertainment Room. When we brainstormed how to lay out this space with the client, it seemed like what was most needed were bright accents - a new bold light fixture in a fun finish (like brass!), a bright colored rug, and some bold artwork for above the fireplace...then we added in fun accessories and bright pillows.

Pool Room After

Pool Room, After

We just love the end result - the perfect place to entertain guests! The gold geometric light fixture was the perfect size to hang above the pool table, which was placed on a fun color blocked rug. The two accent chairs were given contrasting pillows and the art piece over the fireplace really ties everything together quite nicely!

Outdoor Living Design

Design, Outdoor Living

For the outdoor living space, we wanted to use a bright color palette up against the home's gorgeous natural scenery of Camelback mountain. We loved the combination of the bright blue tones with the greenery beyond.

Outdoor Living After

After, Outdoor Living

We stayed very true to our original design concept for the outdoors! The pergola made for a perfect place to add outdoor drapery, which adds privacy when needed. The pops of blue and green suited the space nicely and added just the right splash of color!

As you can see, we had a lot of fun and a lot to do on this project in Paradise Valley and we just love the end results. To see more of this project, visit it's page here: Paradise Valley.

Art Lovers, Unite

One question that we get a lot these days is, "when did you decide to start selling artwork?" Well, we decided to sit down and really answer that question for you!

The very short answer is, we have always fancied ourselves art lovers and collectors, and the passion to not only find unique artists and styles, but to share them with our clients is really what drove us. In general, we really feel that Arizona and specifically, the Phoenix area, has an untapped market of local art and artists, just waiting to be featured!

Additionally, we are finding that original art in general is something that is always desired by our clients. As we looked for pieces for our clients, we were surprised that what is represented in the marketplace has a very large margin of median-priced artwork that is not available! So we decided that this was an area we wanted to dive into - unique and amazing pieces at attainable prices.

Because we feel that art and interior design pair so well together, we wanted to feature a couple of our pieces and talk a little bit about how you could work each one into your overall design ideas and space plan! We're taking each one and creating a mood board for a certain space of the home. See below:

Arizona Modern

This piece, called Horizon, was completed by a local Phoenix artist. The piece itself is perfect for any client looking to bring the Arizona culture into their space. We love the way that the bright colors exemplify the traditional colors of the desert but in a modern, updated way. 

This piece would be the perfect addition to a modern space seeking a bold pop of color. We'd pair it with modern decor and accessories with pops of color but neutral tones overall! That way this piece could really shine and be a focal point for the space. Try it over a fireplace or in a walkway that is easily seen!

Or, as we've styled it above, we love the idea of this piece in an office space. Pair some mid-century modern elements and bold colors together and this piece really comes to life. We love the way that the teal and yellow rug comes together to create harmony and bring out the bold tones of the piece. The retro design concept really comes together!

(Additionally, to see photos of this piece in a living room space, click here.)

Modern Portraiture

This piece is one of our favorites. Called Queenie 500, she is a total show stopper that will attract any eye from the minute they walk in your home. Not only do the bright and bold colors make for a fun addition to any space, we love anything that makes people ask questions... A total conversation starter is never something that we refuse!

We see this piece being perfect in a modern yet glamorous dining room. We would pair this piece with sleek and modern furniture, and bold geometric prints. Because of the stripes and patterns in both the background and foreground of the piece, we think a nice linear hexagon or trellis pattern would be the perfect compliment to the piece! This is a perfect example of how we don't think that the interior design has to match the art piece, but they can complement one another nicely in tone, style or color! For example, we love how the modern lines and combination of navy velvet and brass brings out the bright colors in the art.

(Click here to see how we styled a similar piece over a bar!)

Glam Geometric

This piece, created by the wonderful Angie Crabtree, is a showstopping, modern art piece that adds impact to any space, bright or monochromatic. We love how the close up of the diamond painting turns very graphic and bold when studied - so we decided to style a bold and graphic living room to go with it!

Because it's a very glamorous piece of artwork, our design scheme for this space involves tons of texture and movement, with pops of black and white for high contrast and style. We loved the way that the recurring diamond pattern in this moodboard reflects the geometric shapes in the painting, and the way that the mirrored textures reflect light, much like a diamond would!

 Of course, this space has a slightly feminine edge, but we think that with less mirrored texture and more pops of geometric and black and white, it could be transformed into a space that is completely gender neutral!

(To see this piece come alive in a nursery perfect for your little one, visit our gallery here.)

So, there you have it! For more information on these pieces and to check out the rest of our art collection, visit it here or email us at:

Gender Neutral, High Style.

Diamonds and Dreamcatchers Nursery

Gone are the days where "Gender Neutral Nursery" has to mean yellow or green! Our recent project presented us with a major design challenge: how to take a gender neutral nursery and add big style and personality, without making the space too feminine or masculine!

We immediately started looking for inspiration online and in magazines to come up with a design concept that would be super unique for this new addition's room. When we took note of the recent design trends, we decided it would be fun to work in a color palette of white, black and metallic tones of silver and gold for the space with lots of different textures. This way, any other color can easily be added in (or not! we love it the way it is!) once the baby is born. This neutral palette also plays nicely with the many colorful toys and gadgets that all children seem to have!

Our next step was to figure out how we wanted to make this space truly unique. Our first and favorite idea was to do a fun wall stencil! Here at Red Egg, we love adding high style with a fun patterned wall. But since this space is for a growing child, we knew that wallpaper would not be durable enough to withstand the test of time - so we thought paint would be the perfect solution for this family. When we found a fun, geometric triangle stencil that we could recreate in our color scheme, we knew it was the perfect thing to make this space fun.

Get the look:

1. Curtain Panels | 2. Crib | 3. Angie Crabtree Giclee | 4. Bedding | 5. Sheepskin Rug | 6. Lamp | 7. Dresser | 8. Dream Catcher | 9. Glider | 10. Stuffed Bunny | 11. Ottoman

Our next step was to create a mood board and overall palette of what we wanted the space to look like overall. Because the wall treatment is so bold and fun, we decided to keep our accessories and other furniture pieces more simple and neutral. This way, they will be able to grow with the child in the future!

The only other bold pattern we planned to add to the space was in the form of bedding. When we found this black, white and gold Aztec-inspired bedding, we knew the crib skirt would be perfect in the space. Of course, we decided to liven up the design even more with a bold art piece created by one of our favorite artists, Angie Crabtree!  Fun animal-inspired accessories and textural items such as the sheepskin throw complete our proposed design!


Crib, Glider, and Wall Stencil Details

Crib, Glider, and Wall Stencil Details

We kept in mind when designing the space that textures were going to be super important for the overall design. Not only are these textural elements visual interesting, but they will keep baby curious and occupied. We contrasted the black and white patterns with fun and interesting textures like an open side table in a rich brass hue, a leather ottoman, and a white fur rug.


On the other side of the space, we added bold artwork to mimic the wall stencil on the other side of the space. A bright white and black dresser anchors the area and fun accents complete the vignette. We love how once the gender, a girl, was revealed, we were able to add touches of pink and girly accents to the space, such as the bows, pink onesie and the roses.

We absolutely love how this room turned out - we think it is the perfect space for this baby to grow up and will age well over time, too! The black, white and metallic palette was the perfect solution for making this space unique and high style, which is what the family really wanted.

We are so glad we got to help design such a fun space! See more photos here: (Diamonds and Dreamcatchers Nursery).

And to see how we designed a boy's nursery, click here.

Behind the Art: V. Madruga

Last year, as you may or may not already know, Andrea of Red Egg visited Brazil for the first time! We loved the way that the urban city life contrasts with the lush and tropical forest of Rio, it truly made the city feel so unique. One thing that we also really appreciated most about Rio, and all of Brazil for that matter, was the amazing art scene found throughout the city.

 If you have never been to Brazil, and specifically, Rio de Janeiro, you may not know that it is one of the greatest art destinations. According to Design Week, “Brazilian graffiti art is considered among the most significant strand[s] of a global urban art movement, and its diversity defies the increasing homogeneity of world graffiti.”  (source

This is partly because, in 2009, the law 706/07 was passed which officially decriminalized street art in the city of Rio. While the street art culture was already very much in existence in the city long before then, the passing of this law helped to solidify the importance of art to the city's overall culture and vibe, not only for tourists, but for the artists and residents of Rio! (source

Leblon Gestural, V Madruga.

Leblon Gestural, V Madruga.

One of the major artists that has contributed to the art scene in Rio is V. Madruga. Born in 1951, Madruga attended the School of Architecture in Porto Alegre. He then studied drawing and painting at the School of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro. (source)

He began his career in the 1980's when he created public art installations in the local subway stations of Rio, and gained notoriety from this, as many people per day would see his work as they took their daily transit. (source)

Bicicleta em Vermelhos, V. Madruga

Bicicleta em Vermelhos, V. Madruga

When we were in Rio, Madruga's artwork truly stood out to us as super unique and modern, and we just loved his overall vibe and style. The bold, bright colors and abstract modern subject matter were all elements that helped us see his work in so many different types of spaces and we knew the pieces would make a huge statement wherever they went.

We are lucky enough to get to represent Madruga here at Red Egg Design Group and have the opportunity to bring a bit of Brazil to our clients here! You can check out some of his pieces on our site, and we've highlighted some of them below.

Bike Sobre Cinzas,  here

Bike Sobre Cinzas, here

We love this piece - the charcoal gray background with accents of yellow and pink are the perfect backdrop for the bicycle silhouette. We think this piece would be perfectly suited to any modern space.

Rio en Negro,  here

Rio en Negro, here

This piece is super special to us because it reminds us of the awesome view we had in Rio, looking at the mountains and enjoying the beautiful landscape of Rio de Janeiro. The bold purple, black and turquoise tones in the piece, along with the texture created by the paint splatter effects make it truly unique and easy to see how Madruga has become a household name in Rio when it comes to his artwork.

Bike en Negro Sobre Gestos,  here

Bike en Negro Sobre Gestos, here

This piece is absolutely eye-catching and modern, which is why we are totally obsessed. The silhouette of a bicycle stands out from the brightly colored, paint-splattered background that it sits on. This piece is also large - roughly 4'W by 5'H, thus making it the perfect statement piece for any feature wall!

Madruga is extremely inspirational and we are glad to get to enjoy his works and share them with all of you! We love how well his style works with the modern style that we at Red Egg love so much, and we can see his pieces in any space.

That being said, we found an article that you should definitely check out, where his pieces were commissioned in this swimsuit designer's San Diego home! Click here for the tour and to see his pieces.

For more information about V. Madruga, comment below! Or email us here. What do you guys think of his work?